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ith the vast development that India has seen over the recent years, businesses and brands made in the country have certainly earned a lot of faith and trust of the public. The Government has been actively involved in supporting such enterprises in and from India because they uphold the country’s values and also reflect on the quality of products that the Indian market is capable of manufacturing, producing and selling.

Asha Group of Companies has reserved its name as one of the country’s rapidly evolving, growing and extremely promising confectionery businesses. As a brand, SR25 stands apart from its contemporaries and competitors owing to the extraordinary quality and credibility that it possesses. Asha Daryani, from Indore in Madhya Pradesh is the very capable and talented founder of this company which is now touching new heights.

Asha Confectionery and SR25 have a very wide and ever expanding range of chocolates, candies (hard boiled), jellies, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates and even cakes, cookies and bubble gums. One very dominant feature of almost all these products is the innovation that they represent. The brand believes in newness and continuous improvement and dynamicity – which is why it hasn’t been hesitant in introducing new flavours of butter, pista, elaichi, coconut and mint to its candies, chocolates and jellies.

Asha Confectionery from Indore has now spread its market to international spaces as well. One of the prime reasons for the success of SR25 has been the brand’s ethical usage of high quality raw materials as opposed to a lot of other brands which have been known to use lower quality material so as to secure bigger profit margins. At Asha Confectionery and SR25, members and people stand for serving and ensuring the customers’ satisfaction; profits have always been secondary.

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