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Asha Confectionery is a leading confectionery business in India which was founded by Asha Daryani from the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. The Managing Director of the business is Deepak Daryani. Asha Confectionery, under the brand name of SR25 creates and produces a large variety of products which include hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolates, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates and cakes and even cookies, bubble gums. The business has a large team of dedicated individuals who manage different aspects of the business from market research to identifying information and demand trends. The business is known to have extended support to the Make in India movement of the Government and has also gained increased recognition through it.

The brand SR25 has a very strong foundational core of ethics, expertise, authenticity and originality. Below is a list of the brand’s products which are the most popular and innovative in nature:

1) Nariyal Pani Candy:

Asha Confectionery launched the first ever real coconut candy in the market in India. SR25 uses real khopra in the creation and production of this candy. This product is a reflection of SR25’s ethics of authenticity and originality. The Nariyal Pani Candy is available in Rupees 1 per unit and in various packets of hundred and two hundred units.

2) Melts Gold Elaichi:

Melts Gold Elaichi is a milk candy with the real flavour of elaichi. This is, again, a reflection of SR25’s motto of innovation and creativity. The toffee is available in Rupees 1 and in various other packets, jars and cartons of varying units.

3) Butter Coconut:

Butter Coconut is a double flavoured toffee with the goodness of quality butter and real and authentic coconut. This is one of the bestselling products of Asha Group. Just like Melts Gold Elaichi and Nariyal Pani Candy, Butter Coconut double flavoured toffee is available in Rupees 1 per unit and in various other canisters, jars and cartons of varying units.

4) Go Go Bear Chocolate Cake:

This is an incredibly cute product for kids. It is a sponge cake with a chocolate center. This sponge cake is in the shape of bears. It showcases the creativity of the brand and the thoughtful consideration that it gives to all age groups.

5) Crispy Bubble Chocolate:

Crispy Bubble is a cocoa bar under the brand SR25. The chocolate is in the form of small bubbles all packed together. It contains the goodness of cocoa and is one of the most popular chocolates of Asha Confectionery. It is available in Rupees 10 per unit.

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