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In India, a confectionery business by the name of Asha Confectionery is gaining increased recognition every day. The business is based in Indore and is founded by Asha Daryani. Asha Confectionery launched the brand SR25 in the year 2013 and since then, the brand has manufactured a wide variety of hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolates, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates, sponge cakes, cookies and bubble gums.

There are multiple reasons for the recognition and brand loyalty that Asha Confectionery has garnered over these years. First, SR25 has a creative quotient in all of its products. The creativity and innovation is not limited to appearance. There is a lot of thought and technique behind ensuring adequate quality, taste and pricing of each product. For example, SR25’s Nariyal Pani Candy is the first of its kind in the Indian market. Real and authentic khopra is used in the production of this candy.

Another factor that adds to the value and credibility of the Asha Confectionery is the enterprise’s adherence to all Government regulations and standards. The laboratories of the confectionery are certified with the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). This in itself is an extremely valued and reputed accreditation. The management level of Asha Confectionery has greatly helped to align the enterprise with the work space standards of the age of globalization and development. The workers at the brand’s factories are given an adequate working environment along with various insurances and funds for their financial and health benefit. Also, they’re groomed at the factory dental clinic and beauty salon.

Asha Confectionery continues to gain a competitive edge over other international confectionery brands present in the Indian market. By providing extraordinary employment opportunities in the Indian market and selling value products to consumers, Asha Confectionery and SR25 have set the gold standard for home-grown businesses.

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