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Rapid globalization has ensured that international brands enter India and form a customer base in the country. Then how does Make in India come into picture? Make in India is an initiative by the Government to encourage more businesses to manufacture in the country leading to the development of a world class manufacturing infrastructure in India. International brands are not exactly enemies of home-grown businesses but rather serve as a competition to them which can stimulate Indian businesses to further their innovation, quality and market reach. Asha Confectionery is a confectionery business in India which has managed to give intense competition to international confectionaries.

Founded by Asha Daryani from Indore, Asha Confectionery launched the brand of SR25 in the year 2013. Deepak Daryani is the Managing Director of the business. Since its launch, SR25 gained a lot of attention because of the high creativity factor in almost all of its products. The brand manufactures and produces a large variety of confectionery products which include hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolates, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates, sponge cakes, cookies and bubble gums.

So how exactly did SR25 come shoulder to shoulder with international brands? For starters, the brand introduced uniqueness in the confectionery market. From products featuring genuine coconut khopra to extraordinary flavours of milk and elaichi and bear-shaped sponge cakes, almost all products of Asha Confectionery have a lot of innovation and thought behind their creation and production.

The brand has also been a pioneer in efficient and safe packaging of the various candies and chocolates that it sells. Not only that but SR25 has also employed a team which focuses on market research and identification of demand and supply trends. Unlike certain international confectionery brands which were reprimanded for not abiding by food regulations, Asha Confectionery has always maintained standards set by the Government and other food regulation authorities. The laboratories of Asha Confectionery have the accreditation of the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

All of these factors combined are the reason why the Indian customer is placing increasing levels of trust and faith in SR25 as opposed to other international brands. The Asha Group is a thought leader in the confectionery business: it has delivered quality, lived up to all standards, followed all regulations and looked after their employees’ welfare and well being.

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