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As organizations and businesses continue to grow and advance in terms of technology, expertise and authenticity, values of compassion and empathy cannot be undermined or put to secondary importance. Statistically, people possessing the skill to understand a situation from another person’s perspective tend to respond with increased levels of compassion and kindness. Organizations and enterprises which promote and encourage kindness, empathy and compassion make their workforce feel more like a tightly bound team than a set of employees who have to go through the rigidity of rules and regulations. In India, a confectionery business by the name Asha Confectionery has showcased exemplary encouragement of empathy and healthy dialogue in its workspace.

Asha Confectionery was found by Asha Daryani from the city of Indore. Its managing director is Deepak Daryani. The brand SR25 under Asha Confectionery has garnered a lot of appreciation from the customers and consumer market in India. The brand is widely known to adhere to the highest standards of taste, quality and hygiene. It has the accreditation of the NABL as well. 

The variety of products that the brand produces and sells include hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolates, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates and cakes and even cookies and bubble gums. Currently, the most popular product of SR25 is the Nariyal Pani candy (made from pure khopra). 

Asha Confectionery has an extremely happy and healthy workforce. How does it ensure that? The top leaders and authorities of the business not only stay available for all employees’ grievances but also escalate their redressal. On the surface it might look like something that isn’t very noticeable but the results can be witnessed through the high employee morale that the brand promotes and brings into existence. 

Though there is an established expertise team which works on innovations and creativity, SR25 has always welcomed ideas and suggestions from lower levels of management and workforce as well. These seemingly tiny steps go a long way in ensuring the well being of the organization and firm as a whole. The economic welfare of employees is given a priority as well and there are schemes of provident funds and health insurances given to every employee and worker.

Today, Asha Confectionery under the brand SR25 has gained a lot of recognition from the Indian market. By furthering a healthy combination of technical (standard, hygiene, technology) and emotional (empathy, kindness, welfare) aspects, Asha Confectionery continues to serve quality plus taste to its national and international customer base. 

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